Pure Cultural Experiences

Datoga (Mang’ati) cultural village tour (2-5hours)

You will drive from the hotel through the Minjingu village on your way to the Datoga territory. Spend your day in Datoga village and share their life as you listen to hair raising stories about their culture.

Walk through the village and meet the people. Learn about pastoralist heritage, traditional clothing and various tools they use. Get to know their history, origin and when they arrived here.

Mbugwe cultural village tour (2-5hours)

You will drive from your hotel through the Minjingu village to scenic places where a nice view of Lake Myara and rift valley escarpment is astonishing. Walk through a Mbugwe village/Bantu tribe village nestled between the savannahs and the rift valley floor. Spend your day in this village while experiencing the life of these Bantu people living border to border with two Nilotic tribes (Maasai & Datoga) Walk through the village and meet the people. Learn about their traditional economic activities, local cuisines and local brew produced from honey and various herbs.

Lake Burunge tour (2-5 hours)

Spend your morning or evening time watching water birds in Lake Burunge. You will explore the lake with local fishermen to watch birds on your canoe or hire your own local boat and exercise paddling in the lake. An opportunity to fish with local fishermen and share life in the fishing village as after canoeing/fishing/bird watching is guaranteed.

Kondoa Irangi

Welcome to the land of ‘Kolo rock paints’ a world class historical heritage site, an ancient rock art are remarkable not just for their quantity and quality, but for their astonishing time span, - million years ago. By your spare time you will stay with us for the very unique cultural tour, where you will experience traditional and customs of the local communities, Kondoa is among the oldest District, its set along the famous Road –Great North Road in Dodoma Region, Capital City of Tanzania.

Kondoa Activities

  • Kolo rock paintings and other site of an ancient rock.
  • Kolo village walk around tour
  • Kondoa town tour.
  • Cycling tour
  • Village staying tour
  • Sandawe semi bushmen visiting tour.
  • Traditional honey harvesting
  • Visiting medicine woman.
  • Traditional heals tour.
  • Sambwa hill trekking tour